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Living Your Life the Magical Way with Ines Andina

December 03, 2021 Louise Holcomb Season 1 Episode 18
Be Moved & Bloom Podcast
Living Your Life the Magical Way with Ines Andina
Show Notes

Welcome to the Season 1 finale of Be Moved & Bloom! Today's episode is a very special conversation with a truly phenomenal human being, and good friend of mine, Inés Andina. It's difficult to convey in writing how special Inés is and her particular take on living life, in an unconventional and heart-led way - but as soon as you listen I'm sure you will definitely pick up on her brand of MAGIC! She is a leader in the fields of mentorship and coaching, but that's barely scratching the surface of what she does in this world.

Inés describes herself as a modern mystic woman in constant evolution. Through her mentoring, online courses and monthly membership, Ines has taught hundreds of women from around the globe what she discovered along the way through her life experiences while:

…. living in 4 different countries since she was 9

…. connecting with herself, Nature and the Universe while living for 11 years immersed in the mountains

…. mothering her 4 children in a very different way

…. and healing herself from an auto immune condition using her mind, her intuition, her spiritual connection and Nature.

One day, Ines realized while seeing mind blowing results with her clients, that there is a magical way to live. And that.... THE MAGICAL WAY.... is exactly what she teaches as she activates magic in others. It was such a beautiful way to end Season 1 of the podcast and I am beyond excited for you to hear this chat with Inés. You can connect with her and learn more about The Magical Way at and on Instagram @ines_andina

Inés also generously created a gift exclusively for the Be Moved & Bloom community! Head to to receive a beautiful guided mediation to connect you to the magic within yourself! 

The Be Moved & Bloom Podcast will be back in early 2022, so for now thank you endlessly for your beautiful support, and for being here with me on this journey. If you haven't already, it would mean the WORLD to me if you'd leave rating + review for the podcast on Apple Podcasts - send a screenshot of your review to to get a free Morning Yoga Practice video!

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