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All About The Solar Plexus Chakra: How To Ignite Your Inner Fire + Balance Your 3rd Chakra

March 10, 2022 Louise Holcomb Season 2 Episode 28
Be Moved & Bloom Podcast
All About The Solar Plexus Chakra: How To Ignite Your Inner Fire + Balance Your 3rd Chakra
Show Notes

We're back with the 3rd installment of the 7-part Chakras In- Depth series in today's episode, all about the Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra.

This energy center is located just above the navel point, and is connected to our sense of self-worth and confidence, our drive, our inner strength and willpower and also to the Divine Masculine energy of taking action and creating order + systems.

The 3rd of the 7 major Chakras, the Solar Plexus is (unsurprisingly) also associated with the element of Fire, the energy of the Sun, and sense of Sight. The transformative nature of fire is crucial to our body's functioning, particularly the digestive fire or Agni, which needs to be kept optimal for us to feel our best.

In this deep-dive episode, learn all about what life might be like when you experience an in-balance Solar Plexus vs. how you might feel and show up in the world when the Solar Plexus is blocked, or overactive or under-active. That fire can be tricky to balance sometimes! I also share a range of different modalities for connecting with and bringing balance to the Solar Plexus, from yoga postures to affirmations, essential oils and specific crystals that are Solar Plexus- associated. Take what resonates with you and enjoy elevating your life by bringing more balance + harmony to your Manipura Chakra!

Join me for a LIVE  ONLINE donation-based yoga class specifically for balancing the Solar Plexus on Saturday 19th March, at 8am PST. 

The Zoom link for class is shared through the Be Moved Yoga Soul Support Telegram Group, which is free to join! Receive guidance and support with whatever you're living through lately, plus all live classes and bi-weekly 30min yoga videos to practice at home. Join today and get your Solar Plexus activated with us this month!

There will also be a LIVE meditation for Healing the Solar Plexus live on Instagram on Thursday, March 17th  at 2.30pm PST! Join me live to and save the post to come back to anytime you want to focus your energy on connecting to + healing your Solar Plexus! 

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