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Honouring the Roots of Yoga + Collective Healing with Harpinder Kaur Mann

February 25, 2022 Louise Holcomb Season 2 Episode 26
Be Moved & Bloom Podcast
Honouring the Roots of Yoga + Collective Healing with Harpinder Kaur Mann
Show Notes

You are in for a TREAT with this week's guest speaker, Harpinder Kaur Mann. She is truly someone who is living their purpose and embodying the teachings of yoga in her work and her teaching practice. During this interview found we have a lot in common too, as Harpinder also shares Yoga within addiction recovery, has found deep healing of trauma through her personal yoga practice and - she loves and sings to her many houseplants!

Harpinder Mann (she/her) is a Sikh-Buddhist Punjabi-American yoga asana and meditation teacher currently living on Tongva Land (Los Angeles).  Her childhood consisted of trauma from domestic violence, sexual abuse, and bullying which set her on a journey of healing through yoga, meditation, activism, and brave community. Now she aims to move through the world with compassion and joy.

This led her to create Harpinder Mann Yoga in 2018, where Harpinder now works with womxn of color 1:1 on reclaiming their power & intuition to be free through yoga asana, meditation, breathwork, and spiritual connection. She has over 800 hours of yogic training within the traditions of Raja, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Prenatal Yoga from respected teachers across the globe. Without her teachers, ancestors, and women before her, none of this would be possible.

She is also actively working to decolonize wellness by creating community and providing real accessibility to her ancestral practices for BIPOC as the co-founder of the Womxn of Color Summit, an equitable community organization focused on creating brave and inclusionary spaces for womxn and non-binary people of color to share stories and knowledge as well as make impactful change.

We got into all of her work within addiciton recovery, and her brilliant co-creation of the Womxn of Color Summit, and her own personal healing journey and how pivotal yoga has been for her individual + collective healing, in this deep-dive episode!

Harpinder also shares about her experiences with different plant medicines and how this practice has positively impacted her. She continues to blaze her own trail and uplift, decolonize and honour the true roots of yoga and her spiritual practice, as she supports others in their journey with yoga and self-healing. This was such an incredible and heart-opening conversation, and I can't wait for you to hear it!

Learn more about Harpinder and how to work with her at, and connect with her on Instagram @harpindermannyoga

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