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Cultivating Self-Love Through Yoga + How To Nourish, Not Punish Yourself!

February 17, 2022 Louise Holcomb Season 2 Episode 25
Be Moved & Bloom Podcast
Cultivating Self-Love Through Yoga + How To Nourish, Not Punish Yourself!
Show Notes

This week's solo episode is all about the thing that honestly, truly matters most above all else: LOVE! We just had Valentine's Day and the big show of love for other people, but I wanted to bring it back to how important it is that we cultivate a (strong, unwavering) sense of love for OURSELVES, too!

In this episode, I share about my own personal journey of cultivating self-love and how it is an ongoing process, that was greatly catalyzed by the start of my journey with Yoga. I am honestly a completely different person today, compared to the version of me prior to starting to practice + later, teach yoga!

This episode covers a few of the ways that I have personally found deeper levels of self-love, self- trust, and self-acceptance, including the practice of yoga but also mindset work, inner child healing, meditation, and learning to love, accept and truly nourish (rather than punish) my body. I don't know of ANYONE (myself included) who hasn't at some point struggled with body image issues and/ or body dysmorphia, so this aspect is particularly close to my heart and the monumental difference made with accepting vs. hating your body is HUGE and worth sharing about!

This episode also dives into some of the sneaky ways in which we can 'practice self-love' or do things that are in the name of making us feel better, but actually use those practices as yet another way to be critical of ourselves and punish ourselves for not doing or being 'enough'. This is something to be aware of, particularly if you are newly embarking on your self-love journey. I cover some of the ways in which this has shown up in my life in the past, and red flag things to avoid and question if you notice yourself beginning to show signs of this too!

Ultimately though, this episode is a call to action to do the things for yourself that make you feel your very best, that make your heart soar and a smile beam across your face - those things, do more of them! More often! And together we will heal our inner critics and walk this beautiful earth in internal overflow of the self-love that we've cultivated - and let it flow all around us.

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