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All About The Sacral Chakra: How to Bring Balance + Harmony to Your 2nd Chakra

February 03, 2022 Louise Holcomb Season 2 Episode 23
Be Moved & Bloom Podcast
All About The Sacral Chakra: How to Bring Balance + Harmony to Your 2nd Chakra
Show Notes

The 2nd part of our 7-part Chakras In Depth episode series- alll about the Sacral Chakra!

This episode is a deep dive into all things sacral, sensual, and emotional - some of the associations of this Chakra. As always when we talk about the Chakras, we are discussing energy centers and how our energy can shift, flow easily or become blocked or suppressed in relation to these different  Chakra centers.

The 2nd of the 7 major Chakra centers, Svadisthana or the Sacral Chakra is the part of our beings that is deeply connected to our emotions, sense of sensuality and our creative drive. Located within the physical body in the area of the pelvis, hips, reproductive and sex organs, and also associated with the sacrum, lower back and lower abdominal area - aka your GUT! It is associated with the element of Water, the sense of Taste, and really to how we take in and experience life in a meaningful, joyful, and satisfying way.

Learn what life may feel like when your Sacral Chakra is balanced + open vs. how you might feel when it is blocked, over-active or under-active in this episode, plus some incredibly powerful yet simple ways to create more balance within your sacral Chakra, through specific meditation + affirmation practices, connecting to your emotions and allowing yourself to feel, as well as Sacral- Chakra- specific crystals, essential oils and foods that allow more connection and harmony within this Chakra.

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